Integrated Resource Planning

Meeting future energy needs

At NW Natural, we have a responsibility to meet our customers' future energy needs, reliably and affordably.

Planning for the future is the goal of Integrated Resource Planning (IRP). Every two years, we develop a plan that best meets our energy-use forecasts for the next 20 years, while minimizing costs and risks to customers and the company.

This planning process evaluates many factors, including customer growth and consumption trends, pipeline and storage capacity, energy efficiency programs and more.

Can the public participate?

Yes. In fact, public involvement is essential to create a rigorous IRP process. We work with a diverse set of stakeholders that includes, but is not limited to, Oregon and Washington utility commission staff, ratepayer and environmental-industry advocates, Energy Trust of Oregon and other utilities.

NW Natural presents various components of the IRP as it is being developed through technical working group meetings. Following these meetings, we develop a draft IRP that's then released to the public for comment.

After we publish a draft IRP, we will present the draft and welcome comments from the public during an open meeting. We will post both the draft IRP and the date of the public meeting once they become available.

If you would like to be added to the technical working group mailing list, please contact us. Technical working group meetings are typically held at NW Natural, 250 SW Taylor Street, Portland, Oregon 97204, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., unless otherwise noted.

Included below is the most recently acknowledged 2018 Integrated Resource Plan, as well as previous versions.

2018 Integrated Resource Plan - acknowledged by OPUC and WUTC

2016 Integrated Resource Plan - acknowledged by OPUC and WUTC

2014 Integrated Resource Plan - acknowledged by OPUC and WUTC

2013 Integrated Resource Plan - acknowledged by OPUC and WUTC