Payment assistance options.

Get temporary payment plans and low-income assistance when you need them

The comforts and conveniences of natural gas are available with flexible monthly payment options and state-assistance programs to those in need.

Plans for customers with a past-due account

Call Customer Service at 844-795-9377 for qualifications and to enroll in customer payment plans.



Plans for customers with a past-due account

Call Customer Service at 800-422-4012 for qualifications and to enroll in customer payment plans.

Level payment plan

Take up to 12 months to reconcile your account balance with a level payment plan. 

How it works:
You pay 1/12 of the total balance due, plus an equal installment each month, until you've paid off your account balance at the end of 12 months. You'll see the actual usage and level payment amount on your bill, but you'll only have to pay your level payment amount. Please note: Your monthly amount may change without prior notice based on changes in usage or rates, so keep an eye on your bill.  

Current bill plus plan

Keep up with your current bills and take up to 12 months to make up any payments you missed.

How it works:
Pay 1/12 of the total balance due, plus the current bill, each month until the contract amount is paid off. This option works with a lower initial payment. Please note: Bills are unpredictable and vary according to usage per month.

Translation assistance

Low-income assistance programs

If you're a customer on a limited or fixed income who needs continued assistance paying your home energy bills, assistance programs in Oregon and Washington can help.

Homeowners or renters whose income falls within the established income range by the State. 

How it's decided:
First-come, first-served basis, but disabled, seniors, customers with medical problems and families with small children may receive priority.

How to apply: 
Through a local agency.   

Payment-assistance agencies and resources

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