NW Natural and Dettson

Meet the "right-sized®" furnace for the energy-efficient home.

NW Natural has a long history of supporting Habitat for Humanity in Portland by donating efficient natural gas equipment, helping ensure quality homes with manageable energy bills can be built for Oregonians dreaming of home ownership. When the new Dettson Chinook Compact furnace was released, NW Natural knew that it would be a perfect fit for the small, highly energy-efficient homes built by Habitat for Humanity.

In the video below, hear what Josh Philippi and Rob Cunningham of Habitat for Humanity have to say about their experience with the Dettson Chinook Compact furnace and Smart Duct system.


According to Dettson, the Chinook Compact furnace can provide the following benefits to your housing project:

  • High fire input of 15,000 BTUs, able to modulate as low as 6,000 BTUs
  • Over 95% AFUE
  • Innovative & efficient blower design provides quiet operation for comfort and energy efficiency
  • Smallest footprint in the industry: 10" x 23"
  • Zero-clearance certification for new construction and renovation projects
  • Compatible with Alizé modulating cooling unit

To learn more about the Dettson Chinook Compact furnace, or to contact a representative and learn how to incorporate Right-Sized® HVAC into your project, visit dettson.com or contact representative directly by calling 1-800-DETTSON or emailing sales@dettson.ca.

To learn more about how NW Natural can incorporate natural gas into your right-sized project, contact Brenda Hartzog for single-family or DG Graham for multifamily.