Coronavirus (COVID-19) Message to Customers

A note from NW Natural President & CEO, David H. Anderson

Dear Customers:

Governors in Oregon and Washington have issued executive orders to help fight the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Like you, I see the uncertainties this brings for our region in the months ahead. But what I am absolutely certain about is our commitment to customers and our communities.

NW Natural’s service is part of the region’s critical infrastructure. More than two million people are depending on us to heat their homes, cook their meals and keep their business running. That’s why we’ll continue all functions necessary to provide reliable service, including having our crews out in your community responding to customer issues or emergencies, and performing maintenance on our system.


NW Natural cares about the health and safety of our employees and customers. In response to COVID-19, NW Natural has activated its business continuity plans. In accordance with governors’ orders in Oregon and Washington, we are also establishing the following practices for the well-being of our community.


We will not disconnect or charge late fees for customers who can’t make a payment due to impacts caused by the coronavirus. Customers will continue to receive bills and past-due notices. But NW Natural will not send a final shut-off notice and disconnect service.

Common questions
How will I pay back my past-due bills? What if my service was already turned off for non-payment? Is support available for businesses?

We recognize that this is a challenging time, and we encourage our customers to call us. Our team can make temporary payment arrangements and help with other bill payment assistance options. Call us at 800-422-4012, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Here are other payment assistance options:

Restricted services
We are limiting non-essential, in-home service visits, such as routine inspections. For essential call responses, for everyone’s safety, our employees are following certain rules during visits to customer’s homes or businesses: washing hands before and after any visit, cleaning touchable surfaces and/or wearing gloves while performing work, maintaining a distance of six feet while in a home or business and asking that customers keep the same distance. In Washington, we are unable to provide an installation timeline for some projects due to a pause on construction for the state’s “stay home” order.

Translation assistance

  • No desconectaremos el servicio ni cobraremos tarifas por pagos tardíos a los clientes que no puedan hacer un pago debido a los impactos provocados por el coronavirus. OBTENGA MÁS INFORMACIÓN >>
  • Chúng tôi sẽ không cắt dịch vụ hoặc tính phí trả trễ những khách hàng mà không thể trả hóa đơn do bị ảnh hưởng bởi virus corona. Tìm hiểu them >>
  • 对于因冠状病毒造成的影响而无法付款的客户,我们不会断开服务或收取滞纳金。了解更多。 >>
  • Мы не будем прекращать обслуживание или взимать плату за просрочку платежей с клиентов, которые не могут произвести оплату в связи с последствиями коронавирусной инфекции. Получите более подробную информацию. >>


NW Natural is continuing all functions necessary to provide reliable service, including having our crews out in your community responding to customer issues or emergencies, and performing maintenance on our system.

  • For employees whose role requires them to work from a NW Natural center or in the field, we are following Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and taking every action possible to ensure social distancing and sanitizing protocols.
  • The rest of our employees are required to work from home when possible.
  • All business travel outside our service territory is banned.
  • Our staffing and operational plans for all functions across the company are under constant evaluation.
  • We are in close contact with public health authorities, the public utility commissions in Oregon and Washington, and our emergency management partners.


As a member of our community for more than 160 years, NW Natural’s core value of caring has never been more important. Every year, our Corporate Philanthropy Fund, made possible by shareholders, donates about $1 million to children and families at risk.

At this time, we are focusing these contributions to community organizations that support those in need, including food banks, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, emergency responders and community action partners.


For official information on the coronavirus in general, please consult the following resources: