Annual Equipment Inspection

All about equipment inspections, and how you can schedule one.

 Gas water heater inspection

Schedule your Annual Equipment Inspection to help keep your equipment running at peak efficiency.

The inspection is offered by NW Natural as part of our service to customers, so there is no extra charge for the visit. Just another benefit you've always had as a NW Natural customer.


What’s included in the inspection?

During the inspection, a NW Natural technician will visit your home or business and inspect the natural gas furnace, water heater, fireplace, range or grill—then refer you to a NW Natural Preferred Contractor if repairs are recommended. (Tip: Spring and summer are the best times to schedule an inspection!) Depending on your equipment, the technician will perform a variety of checks during the inspection, such as:

  • Run the equipment for proper operation
  • Visually inspect the venting system
  • Clean and adjust pilot lights as needed
  • Check for possible damage
  • Inspect safety devices and controls
  • Review operation of equipment in accordance with manufacturer settings

Frequently asked questions & answers

Why should I schedule an inspection?

An Annual Equipment Inspection can help ensure your gas equipment is working efficiently and safely. Efficient equipment is also better for your monthly bill. If you are in a new home, or if you've had your appliances repaired or inspected within the last year, you may not need this service.

When's the best time to schedule an inspection?

NW Natural service technicians have the most time available for inspections in spring and summer, before the heating season begins. And, if you need a repair, you will also have the best chance of finding a gas equipment repair specialist during those warmer months.

How do I schedule an inspection?

You can schedule your Annual Equipment Inspection online, or by calling us at 800-422-4012.

Should I ask to see the service tech's ID?

Yes. NW Natural sends employees and contractors throughout its service territory all year round. You may see them working in the street or checking outside buildings – and sometimes they may request entry into your home. You can recognize them by uniforms or orange shirts or vest – and their photo ID.


Our technician will not complete a routine inspection if an adult (18 or over) is not present. If it isn't possible for you to remain home or at your business when the inspector is scheduled, please call Customer Service at 800-422-4012 for other arrangements.

If your gas equipment is not working correctly and you smell a gas odor, please call our emergency line immediately at 800-882-3377.