With incentives and engineering guidance, bringing natural gas to your next development is more cost effective than ever before.


NW Natural's Multifamily Program offers special installation incentives to offset first-costs with natural gas infrastructure/piping. Gain access to a dedicated team of engineering, design, and marketing experts that can help distinguish your projects and attract more interested renters with the comfort and convenience of natural gas.

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"Bringing in natural gas has made our units more comfortable and desirable for our tenants. The team at NW Natural went the extra mile to keep the project on track and our residents happy. That makes everyone’s job easier."

Individual meter option

Individual Metering Option


  • Get up to $750 for every unit with eligible natural gas appliances, to help cover the cost of running natural gas house lines.  NW Natural also provides the extended service line in the building.
  • Also, if the building design accommodates inside meter rooms, NW Natural can arrange to lease the space used by meters in the dedicated meter closets in your development. 

A good choice if

  • You want NW Natural to help offset the expense of installing the house line.
  • You want the dedicated meter closets and you want additional market rate reimbursement from NW Natural for space required to house meters in a meter closet. 
  • You want to help increase the leasability of the units with efficient natural gas appliances.

You should know

  • Meter sets can be located in a meter closet, rooftop sets, or outdoor meter sets in your development.
  • Meter closets are not required to be vented or fire-rated.
  • Any natural gas appliances may be eligible with no requirement for centralized usage.
  • Projects must be at least two stories tall with two floors of stacked multifamily units (i.e. no townhomes or side-by-side).
  • NW Natural will only pay for leasing space with the meter closet option.
  • Available in Oregon and Washington. 

View meter closet specs here

Central meter option

Save space

Incentive for projects without individual unit metering

  • Use a commercial meter to supply gas service for gas cooking in the individual living units in your 3-story and above multifamily development and get $750 for every unit.  This incentive helps to cover the cost of running natural gas house lines.
  • In exchange, we'll charge each dwelling unit tenant a flat monthly fee of $9.39 for service.
  • We'll also furnish shut-off valves to install for every tenant unit to easily isolate gas flow at the unit or floor level, improve system operation and safety, allow shut-off for nonpayment and give greater control.

A good choice if

  • You have limited space and can't accommodate individual meters or meter rooms.
  • You want to add low-use gas appliances including a gas range or cooktop.  This will also apply to gas clothes dryer or gas barbecue equipment scenarios.
  • You want to track centralized natural gas usage for commercial boilers and ground-floor commercial spaces as well as all connected residential units.

You should know

  • Your incremental house-piping costs may be slightly higher than if you have individual meter rooms because NW Natural is not extending service up to each floor.
  • Available in Oregon only.

Projects must be at least three stories tall with two floors of stacked multifamily residential units. Incentive-eligible projects must also have centralized natural gas service to a boiler for water heating or similar application. Qualifying residential units must have at least one of the following natural gas appliances installed: cooktop or range, clothes dryer or outdoor grill/BBQ. Requires shut-off valves installed at each unit and each floor. Shut-off valves must be located in a publicly accessible location (like a hallway), and not within tenant residences. Offer subject to rules by the Oregon Public Utility Commission and NW Natural Rate Schedules 4 and 405. Projects that do not meet these guidelines may qualify for other incentives.

Marketing support

Promote your project

Co-op program

  • Up to $5,000 for promotional media costs per development
  • PR support as needed, depending on the features of the development
  • NW Natural sponsored open house for the new building

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