Resources for building or developing your next project with natural gas.

NW Natural has your back when you work on a project with natural gas. We'll help you get started and find the most energy-efficient and cost-effective options for your single family home, subdivision, townhomes, apartments or high-rise condominiums.

Steps to help you to move your project forward

Check gas availability

Check gas availability

We'll help determine if gas is available, and discuss potential installation timelines based on the requirements of your project.

Perform a cost feasibility analysis

Perform a cost feasibility analysis

We'll help you determine whether you can provide gas service free of charge or will need to offset some of the cost of service installation.

Gas usage feasibility

Gas usage feasibility

NW Natural Channel Managers and engineers evaluate your plans to confirm natural gas is right for the project. This can include calculation of operating and first cost analysis versus other fuels. We'll also complete a simple payback or life cycle cost analysis on your project.

Design assistance

Design assistance

We'll help lay out the natural gas system for your residential or commercial project, including meter placement, code compliance, pipe sizing and locating new/existing gas services on the site plan. We'll also advise you on the latest gas technologies that might be right for your project.

Application assistance

Application assistance

A NW Natural team member will help you complete and submit the Application for Service early in the project, before the installation of asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Ready to get started? Go to Partner Link. Order new gas service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, keep track of your orders, and access training modules.

Or, complete the application that applies to your project. (See below).

Important forms to complete to get you started

new construction
New construction order form

Complete this form to order new gas service.

Project notification
New construction project notification

Notify us as soon as possible through this online form. You can also print and send the information to us.

Business credit application

Use this account application for your business.


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Find a contractor

Use our tool to find a NW Natural preferred contractor.

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