Safety is our top priority.

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For over 165 years, we've remained focused on safely and efficiently delivering natural gas to communities in the Pacific Northwest. Today, we have one of the tightest, most modern pipeline system in the nation, and one of the most proactive safety programs in place to protect it. Here's how we continue innovating for your safety every day.

Reliable pipelines

High safety standards for greater resilience

We were among the first gas utilities in the U.S. to replace cast iron and bare steel pipes with polyethylene pipes and cathodically protected and coated steel pipes.

Pipelines are designed, constructed and tested under rigid specifications established by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Our modern pipes are designed to withstand stress from ground movement associated with earthquakes, landslides and other natural disasters.


System monitoring

Rigorously evaluated

A gas control room staffed 24/7, 365 days a year where we constantly monitor gas pressure and flow on our transmission systems.


We complete approximately 200,000 routine field visits each year, on the lookout for any pipeline safety issues.


In 2021, we performed safety inspections on our transmission system at about 2.8 times the rate required by federal and state regulations.


We add mercaptan to natural gas so it emits a rotten egg/sulfur smell, and make sure it's always at appropriate levels to alert the public of a potential leak.

Meeting or exceeding federal and state regulations

Federal programs
Support from federal programs
Our transmission pipeline safety efforts are managed under a federal pipeline Integrity Management Program.
Pipeline checks
General pipeline checks
We use sensitive electronic leakage detection instruments to find problems before they can escalate, and check that anti-corrosion protections still work.
Annual surveys
We conduct annual survey of business districts and places of public occupancy. Field technicians check transmission and distribution pipelines to keep communities safe.

Immersive training for first responders and employees

We built Training Town to provide NW Natural field employees and local firefighters a place to train for emergencies. Featuring functioning underground natural gas lines, house meters and gas appliances inside homes, Training Town mimics real-world scenarios for the most comprehensive training experience.

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