NW Natural Oregon Bill Discount Program
We can help lower your energy bills.

Oregon income-qualified bill discount program.

NW Natural’s Oregon bill discount program can save you 15% to 40% on your monthly NW Natural bills. Discounts are available if your household income is less than 60% of Oregon state median income. 

There is one simple application to fill out. No proof of income is required to apply. And the application only takes a few minutes to complete online, by email or traditional mail, or over the phone. See below for qualifications and to apply.

Online Application

Complete the simple online application for faster processing.

Online application

Email Application

Download and complete the PDF application and send by email or standard mail.

PDF application
Bill discounts

Discounts available for qualified applicants in Oregon

Discounts are calculated as a percentage of your monthly bill. They range between 15% to 40%. Effective Oct. 1, 2023.

Household Income
(family of four)


$16,070 or less 40%
$16,071 to $32,141 25%

$32,142 to $48,211


$48,212 to $64,282



Household and income guidelines

Household and income guidelines

Bill discounts are available if your household income is less than 60% of Oregon state median income. Effective Oct. 1, 2023.

Household Size

Annual Income

Monthly Income 

 1  $33,426 $2,786
 2  $43,711 $3,643
 3  $53,997 $4,500
 4  $64,282 $5,357
 5  $74,567 $6,214
 6  $84,852 $7,071
 7  $86,780 $7,232
 8  $88,709 $7,392
 9  $90,637 $7,553
 10  $92,566  $7,714
 11  $94,494  $7,874
 12  $96,422  $8,035
Each additional family member  $1,928  $161
Calculate your household income

How to calculate your household income

For hourly workers, take your hourly wage and multiply that by the average hours worked weekly. Then multiply that number by 52 (weeks per year) to get your annual gross income (before taxes).
  • $13.50 (hourly rate) x 40 (average hours worked per week) = $540
  • $540 x 52 (weeks per year) = $28,080 (This is your annual gross income)
Tip: If your household income changes from month to month, take your combined income from the last month and multiply it by 12 to calculate your average gross annual household income. Please call us at 800-422-4012 if you have questions or need help applying.

3 easy ways to apply

Complete online application

Complete and submit the convenient online application for fast processing.

Download PDF application

Complete the PDF application and send by email or standard mail.

Contact customer service

Apply by calling 503-226-4211 or 800-422-4012, Monday through Friday, 7am to 6pm. Or send us an email.


Frequently asked questions

Community outreach

Are you associated with a community organization and interested in increasing awareness of our assistance programs? Please email us with the following information:
  1. Organization name
  2. Contact name
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  4. Organization website 

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