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The benefits of natural gas touch all aspects of your life. You save money, so paying bills feels a little easier. You save time, because efficient gas appliances help daily routines like laundry and cooking go faster. What's left is more of what you need to create a home you love, one that welcomes you with warm memories every time you walk through the door.

Even better, NW Natural customers are paying less today for their bills than they did 15 years ago, due to lower commodity costs coupled with efficient operations and energy-efficiency measures. While nationally, the low cost of natural gas has saved families a total of $143 billion over 10 years. [1]American Gas Association.

Estimated total cost to heat and cool your home in Portland [1]Electricity provided by PGE. Assumes HVAC load above 2500 annual kWh would represent load above 1000kWh for the month for electric rates - See SBW report Page 9 from report at

95% high-efficiency natural gas furnace and AC
9.2 HSPF Heat Pump
Electric Resistance
After switching to natural gas, it's really amazing — our heating bills were about half of what they had been in the past years. Plus, our whole house was warm. We'd walk in the back door, and it was cozy.

Brent Sullivan

NW Natural customer since 2016

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NW Natural.

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