Create cozy spaces room by room, and save.

Bring the perfect balance of comfort, savings and convenience to the home you love with natural gas appliances. Find what you need to craft an outdoor oasis, spice up your grill game or simply make family gatherings much more memorable.

Natural gas furnace

Save money with a high-efficiency furnace

  • Uses less energy to heat your home with efficiency ratings as high as 98%.
  • Efficiency is not determined by the climate or temperature as is true of a heat pump.
  • Heats your home faster than electric heating equipment.
  • Adds more warmth and comfort to every room with consistent, reliable heat.

Looking to cool your home too?  Consider adding a central air conditioner. It can offer the same cooling efficiency as a heat pump and are usually less costly.

  • To match efficiency, ask a contractor for a central air conditioner with the same SEER level as a heat pump.

Click here to compare estimated operating costs of your current heating equipment to high-efficiency natural gas systems.

Natural gas fireplace

Instant warmth, instant ambiance

  • Heats rooms with 80% efficiency.
  • Many models will work even if the power goes out. Watch step-by-step video. 
  • Gives you better indoor air quality than a wood-burning fire. 
  • Use a switch or remote to have an instant fire when you want.
  • Costs less to run than purchasing firewood.
Natural gas water heater

Hot showers that heat up fast, and stay hot

Tank water heater

  • Heats water in a storage tank on a standby basis, so it's always ready.
  • Available in tank sizes ranging from 40 gallons to 100 gallons. 
  • Lasts approximately 10-15 years. 
  • Offers long-term savings compared to electric tank models. 
  • Many models will work even if the power goes out. Watch step-by-step video. 

Tankless water heater

  • Heats water on-demand, making it a highly efficient option. 
  • Provides continuous, unlimited hot water for more than 20 years. 
  • The size of a suitcase, a tankless unit saves space compared to tank water heaters.
  • Many models will work even if the power goes out. Watch step-by-step video. 
Natural gas cooktop and range

Use what the pros use for friends and family, easily

  • Instant on and off flame. 
  • Heats quickly, with no waiting for the burner or grill to warm. 
  • Gives you responsive, precise control.
  • If the power goes out, you can still use the surface burners for home-cooked food. Watch step-by-step video.
Natural gas grill and patio

Bring the joy of entertaining to your outdoor room and living space

Natural gas grill

  • Ignites the flame at the touch of a button.
  • No risk of running out of fuel.
  • Precise, adjustable heat.
  • Grilling outdoors keeps the heat out of the kitchen.

Natural gas patio heaters

  • Portable, freestanding heaters will keep a 12- to 20-foot diameter area warm. 
  • Easy to install under eaves, along walls, or on special posts.

Natural gas fire pit

  • Ignites the flame with a flip of a switch. 
  • Flame controls available. 
  • No smoke. 

Natural gas lighting

  • Illuminate your yard without attracting bugs.
  • Can use automatic light sensors for efficient energy use.
Natural gas clothes dryer

Live comfortably, save money

  • Economical and efficient – clothes dry quickly and for less than electric dryers.
  • Less wrinkling, shrinkage and static cling than electric models.
Natural gas combination system

Create warmth wherever you need it with an all-in-one system

Heat water and rooms from one source

  • Designed to directly replace existing forced-air furnace and water heaters.
  • Heats water and space with a combined water heater and hydronic air handler.
  • Saves on space and water heating energy use.


Natural gas generator

Back-up energy when you need it

  • Many generators work when the power goes out
  • Different models can help operate a few appliances or your whole home
  • May be cheaper to operate compared to a diesel generator
  • Uses a cleaner-burning fuel instead of diesel
  • No need for fuel storage tanks or concern of fuel spills and costly cleanup

If you’re a current NW Natural customer, you may need a larger meter and/or an update to the service line when adding a natural gas generator. Additional costs will apply. Call 800-927-6123 to learn more.

We're working with organizations to encourage product innovation

Study: Reducing emissions and costs with emerging natural gas technologies

A 2019 study found that high-efficiency natural gas equipment for homes and small businesses could drive deep reductions in  greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These technologies, many of which are commercially available today, offer a cost-effective way to begin cutting emissions, and could save customers in the Pacific Northwest more than $300 per year on energy bills.

No power? No problem.

Natural gas is always there when you need it. [1]Please note that if there is an active fire situation in an immediate area, NW Natural may need to shut down the natural gas system there as a precaution. Few obstacles derail your daily routine like a power outage. Not being able to bathe, cook or stay warm can be frustrating. If there's no power for more than a few hours, the inconvenience becomes a real concern. Natural gas is the answer.


Watch helpful videos to see how you can depend on natural gas and select appliances in a power outage:
  • Fireplace
  • Water heater
  • Cooktop

Indoor air quality and gas cooking

Many factors can contribute to indoor air quality, such as building materials, cleaning products and the food you cook and how you cook them.

Whether you are using a gas or electric cooktop, and especially when frying, broiling and cooking at high temperatures, use ventilation.

Environmental Protection Agency

EPA's tips on indoor air quality.

Read tips

American Gas Association

Today, nearly 40 million American households cook with natural gas.

AGA #CookingWithGas

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