Understanding your natural gas bill. 

Learn how your natural gas bill is calculated and about the information included on your bill. You can always view or print a copy of your most recent or past bills at Payment & Bill History.

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How to read your natural gas bill

Follow the key below to help understand your natural gas bill each month. If you have questions about how your bill is calculated or what's included on it, please contact customer service at 800-422-4012, 7am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. NW Natural’s customer service team can also assist you in additional languages by interpreter.

Natural gas bill
  1. Quick reference information including your account number, bill date, due date and amount due.
  2. Natural gas usage information for the billing period.
  3. Service address is the physical location of where the gas service is being provided.
  4. Account summary lists the details of your bill, such as your rate schedule, previous balance, payments received, current charges (service charge, gas usage, program enrollment fees, local taxes and the public purpose charge), and your total account balance.
  5. Important message and ways to manage your natural gas bill.
  6. Your natural gas use over the past 13 months (if available) and the average temperature for the current month and the same month last year. Sign in to your Account Overview to view more detailed information.
  7. Promotion box that features messages about your service, ways to save energy, and available billing options.
  8. If you are enrolled in Auto Pay, this is a reminder to not send a payment and when your payment will be deducted from your account.

How your gas bill is calculated

Our rates are regulated and approved by the Public Utility Commission of Oregon (OPUC) and the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC). The current charges on your bill are based on up to five components.

For every dollar you paid on your gas bill, your money went to:

Overall, about 90% of your bill goes toward the cost of gas, delivery and the services provided to you as a customer, with the remaining 10% going toward regulated rate of return on NW Natural’s investment in the gas system.


Parts of your bill

  Natural gas rates over time

    Despite this period of extraordinary market conditions,
    NW Natural customers will still be paying less than they did 15        years ago for their natural gas bills.

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