Get the details on this year's rates.

New rates took effect November 1, 2020.

Each fall, NW Natural files for rate changes, based primarily on the wholesale cost of natural gas, plus some annual adjustments for ongoing agreements with the commissions. These adjustments vary based on different use patterns by customer class. Variations between Oregon and Washington are caused by differences in rate structures.

Customers can get more information by calling us at 503-226-4211 and asking for the Rates and Regulatory Department.


Oregon rates

Oregon customers will have new rates starting November 1 that include the combined effects of a rate case and the annual Purchased Gas Adjustment, both approved by the Public Utility Commission of Oregon.

All total, the average residential customer in Oregon using 53 therms a month will pay about 4% or $2.00 more per month, and small commercial customers using 242 therms per month will pay approximately $10.00 more a month. The effect of rate changes may vary for individual customers depending on their customer category, usage and other factors.

The Purchased Gas Adjustment, which trues-up the prior year’s natural gas purchases and projects the cost of natural gas for the year ahead, will result in about a 4% reduction a month for the average residential customer and small commercial customer.

This commodity cost decrease is offset by about an 8% increase for the average residential customer, and about a 9.5% increase for the average small commercial customer associated with approval of the Oregon rate case ($49 million) to recover operating costs, investments in greater system reliability and resiliency, and the recently passed Oregon corporate activity tax.

For more information on the new rates, please contact the Rates and Regulations at 503-610-7330. For information about flexible payment plans and low-income assistance programs, please call our Customer Contact Center at 503-226-4211. Customers can also call the same phone number for information about flexible payment plans and low-income assistance.



Washington rates

The new rates for Washington customers will reflect the annual Purchased Gas Adjustment filed with the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission on September 14, 2020 and take into account a true-up of the prior year’s natural gas purchases and the cost of natural gas projected for the year ahead.

The filing request rates for Washington residential customers using an average of 57 therms per month to increase by about $4.52 or 8.3% a month. Rates for small-commercial customers using 242 therms per month are requested to increase by about $18.08 or 8.5% a month. The adjustments vary based on different use patterns by customer class.

If approved as filed, the new rates will take effect on Nov. 1, 2020.

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