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For industrial customers: support and guidance from a team of experts.

Each Major Account Services team member is a one-stop resource for industrial customers in Oregon and SW Washington. They advise on billing and rate services that help you save, share technical recommendations to keep your business streamlined and profitable, and assist with new projects. They also share important updates in our free monthly enewsletter.

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Clif Hazen

Areas of expertise:

Chemical/Fertilizer, Education (K-12), Electronics/High Tech Manufacturing, Forest Products & Associated Chemicals, Petroleum Storage, Pulp/Paper Mills, Sanitary Services/CNG Refuel 

Ray Edwards

Areas of expertise:

Asphalt/Ready-Mix Concrete, Crematoriums, Distribution Centers and Warehouses, Food Processing/Supplements/Farms, Wholesale Nursery, Government

Celina Russell

Areas of expertise:

Grocery, Healthcare, Laundry, Lodging, Plastics, Restaurants, Roofing, Printing & Rubber

Ian Maarefi-Memar

Areas of expertise:

Entertainment, Higher Education, Light Manufacturing,
Federal & State Correctional Facilities

Metal: Annealers, Extruders, Forgers, Heat Treaters, Melters, Fabricators, Recyclers, Assemblers, Stampers


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Major Account Services and Billing

FAX: 503-721-2572

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