Conserve energy in your business by following these energy management tips.

Savings tips

Tips and checklist to help you save

Saving energy is saving money, and every business can benefit.

Space heating

Space heating tips

Operation and maintenance savings tips


  • Lower the hot water temperature when the outside air temperature is warmer.
    Use an automatic reset controller.
  • Test and treat boiler water periodically per manufacturer requirements.
    The minimizes plating that occurs on heat exchange surfaces due to excessive dissolved solids.
  • Look for a damaged refractory on the inside of the boiler.
    Repair if necessary.
  • Minimize boiler cycling.
    Continued combustion chamber purging creates wear and tear and wastes energy.

Exhaust fans and steam traps

  • Automate bathroom exhaust fans.
    Prevent fans from running when buildings are empty.
  • Check steam traps annually.
    Confirm traps open and close properly. Poorly operating steam traps create an internal leak in the steam distribution system, and waste energy.

Technologies that offer greater efficiencies.


Cooking tips

Operation and maintenance savings tips

  • Preheat ovens for only 10–20 minutes.
    Additional preheating wastes energy.
  • Keep cooking utensils flush with the cooking surface.
    Dented pot bottoms can increase operating costs.
  • Complete equipment evaluations regularly.
  • Document repairs, costs and dates completed.
    As equipment ages, keep a close check on repair costs.

Technologies that offer greater efficiencies.


Water heating

Water heating tips

Operation and maintenance savings tips

  • Tune up the burner every few years.
  • Install low-flow fixtures.
  • Set the water temperature to the appropriate level for type of use.

Technologies that offer greater efficiencies.

Build energy efficiency into your business with Energy Trust of Oregon

Our Energy Trust partner can help you manage energy use in an existing space or property, or design energy efficiency into your next construction project. Visit Energy Trust for more information about technical-assistance and cash incentives.

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