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Support environmental projects that offset carbon emissions

Reduce your environmental impact with Smart Energy.

Let's work together to fight climate change. When you enroll in the Smart Energy program, you join over 73,000 NW Natural customers who are offsetting the carbon emissions from their natural gas use through projects that reduce, or prevent the release of, greenhouse gases.

To date, Smart Energy has purchased offsets from 17 innovative projects across the Pacific Northwest, California, Utah and Alaska. These include projects like biodigesters on family-owned dairy farms that capture methane from cow manure, keeping this potent greenhouse gas from entering the atmosphere and harnessing it as a renewable energy source. Every day on dairy farms, a typical cow produces 120 pounds of manure—that’s a lot of potential energy!

We designed Smart Energy to be:

  • Affordable. Residential customers choose either the Average Home option for $5.50 a month or the Climate Neutral option for about 10.5 cents more per therm used each month. Business customer enrollment options start at $10.00 a month.
  • Simple. The Smart Energy option you choose is included on your monthly bill.
  • High quality. Verified carbon offsets that benefit the environment.
business and residential customers participate in Smart Energy.*
equivalent removal of this many passenger vehicles' greenhouse gas emissions for one year.
metric tons of emissions reductions funded over the life of the program.* 2.95 Smart Energy in your community Smart Energy in %LOCATION% Type in your zip code to learn about Smart Energy in your neighborhood. %NUM_CUSTOMERS% of your neighbors are enrolled in the Smart Energy program, helping remove about %OFFSET% metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year.** %OFFSET% metric tons of carbon offsets Join Smart Energy today! None of your neighbors are enrolled in Smart Energy yet. Join today to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in your area. Sorry, either we don't serve that area, or there was an error. Please enter an Oregon or Washington zip code. Error loading data. Please refresh page.

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Smart Energy-funded carbon offset projects

Making carbon offsets at a dairy farm

1. Manure from dairy cows can release methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than CO2, into the atmosphere.
2. The dairy farm diverts manure to an anaerobic digester, where methane is captured and prevented from entering the atmosphere.
3. Captured methane can be used as an on-demand renewable energy source to heat and operate homes and businesses.

Join the Smart Energy program.

Reduce your environmental impact and support carbon offset projects.


Smart Energy projects

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Good work, Eugene and Corvallis!

You're leading the way with the highest percentage of residential customers in Smart Energy.

We signed up for Smart Energy as a way to reduce our carbon footprint. We want to make sure that we keep the planet in balance with the energy we use.

Adam Milne

Old Town Pizza, Old Town Brewing

Morgan Gary
Smart Energy is one way I can grow my business and reduce my impact. It's a perfect fit for business, my customers, and the community.

Morgan Gary

Spin Laundry Lounge

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