Customer Notice

January 14, 2024

Dear NW Natural Customer,
Thank you for your patience and cooperation regarding our request yesterday that customers take actions to conserve energy. At the time, we faced record demand as well as an issue with one of the region’s storage facilities in Washington state that helps serve the Pacific Northwest gas and electric systems. 
This morning, with that outage resolved and temperatures on the rise, you are welcome to resume normal energy use. With your help, we were able to avoid any major disruptions to service during this period of extreme cold. 
Forest Heights Area System Issue:
While we have maintained natural gas service to our communities through these challenging conditions, during the high winds yesterday a tree fell on a powerline on NW Laidlaw Road that caused damage to one of our pipelines in the Forest Heights area.

Access by NW Natural to the location has been difficult due to trees blocking the roadways, but our crews are onsite and assessing the damage and creating a repair plan.

For now, we are asking natural gas customers in the Forest Heights, Cedar Mills, West Haven-Sylvan, and Bonny Slope areas to please continue conservation measures to help mitigate the impact caused by this event. 
We will keep customers in the area informed with postings on our website.
Please be safe and thank you again on behalf of all of us at NW Natural.