Earthquake Shut-off Valves

Information on gas safety in a natural disaster.

Manually turning off the gas service riser valve is the most common method to stop the flow of gas serving a building, in case of an emergency such as an earthquake.

Your gas line

Earthquake (or seismic) shut-off valves sense ground movement or shaking and shut off the flow of gas automatically.

Before choosing whether or not to have one installed, do evaluate the pros and cons. If you choose to install an earthquake shut-off valve, be sure to use a qualified, licensed contractor.

Earthquake shut-off valves must be installed on the customer houseline from your meter to your gas appliances, not on the service line or within the “meter set assembly” installed and maintained by NW Natural.



Because the earthquake shut-off valve would be on your customer houseline, NW Natural can’t install, maintain, service or reset it, if it shuts off inadvertently or due to an earthquake.

If the valve shuts off the gas for any reason, do not attempt to turn the gas back on yourself. Call your installation contractor or any other qualified, licensed contractor to reset the earthquake shut-off valve and restore service. The contractor will verify there are no leaks on your customer houseline and ensure gas appliances are safe before the valve is reset and appliances are relit.