Equal Pay

Equal Pay is a simple way to help bring balance to your finances. No matter how cold it gets, your gas bill will remain steady every month.


How does Equal Pay work?

Let us help make your gas payments predictable. First, your annual gas use is estimated and divided into 11 equal payment amounts. If you use more gas than estimated, you will be billed for the difference. But, if you use less gas, the overpayment will be refunded to you (or credited to your next bill if the overpayment is less than $75). When this true-up occurs, it is called the settle-up month.

Each month, both your actual gas use and your equal payment amount will appear on the bill. The bill will show your account balance. Only your equal monthly payment amount is due each month no matter what the account balance reflects.

Please note: The monthly payment amount may change without prior notice if there is a change in rates, a change in gas usage, or a change in service address.

You can revoke your participation in Equal Pay at any time. However, please allow one month for your request to be processed.

Your Equal Pay Plan will not activate until your balance is below $10.00.

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