Services and mains guidelines

Installation of services and gas mains


NW Natural will install gas service to your new residential or commercial building using NW Natural-provided conduit installed by a builder or excavator. We'll install the service within seven business days of receiving your order.


Gas Mains

NW Natural will install gas main in a trench provided by the developer/contractor within a subdivision. Please contact us at least seven business days before the pathway is available for main installation.

If your project is not a subdivision, please contact us at least 6-7 weeks before the pathway is available for installation of gas mains.

How to Prepare for main installation

Steps needed prior to gas main installation

The developer/contractor must submit a copy of the civil engineering designs and a copy of the electric designs to NW Natural before NW Natural agrees to provide service.


NW Natural recommends an on-site meeting with representatives of all utilities before construction begins. NW Natural will design its infrastructure to parallel the electrical facilities whenever possible, as gas installations typically shadow other utilities and can be installed in a joint trench.


The trench must be padded with 12 inches of select or clean native backfill material to separate other utilities from the natural gas pipeline.


Specifications assume that no sewer, water, storm drains or other wet facilities will be located in a trench with natural gas mains.


Once all designs have been submitted, NW Natural will provide the developer with a sketch of the required gas facilities and street crossings. Upon request, NW Natural will provide a location where the developer’s contractor can pick up NW Natural-provided conduit for the crossings.


The developer/contractor must notify NW Natural at least seven business days before excavation of the joint trench.


The developer or contractor should call four days prior to shading to set the inspection date.


NW Natural will begin installing the gas main within seven business days of the date the trench is approved by a NW Natural representative.

When to request gas service

Steps needed to request gas service

  1. After the NW Natural-provided conduit has been installed properly in a trench
  2. After the trench has been backfilled
  3. After at least two feet of upright conduit has been inserted to mark the ends of the buried conduit.
  4. Once the gas service has been installed and the house piping has passed inspection, contact NW Natural to order the gas meter.

To help with coordination and planning, NW Natural will:

  • Provide a sketch of proposed gas mains within the subdivision.
  • Make conduit material available for pickup if needed.
  • Provide gas-only road crossings in existing public right-of-way, unless other utility crossings are planned.
  • Make all necessary tie-ins.
  • Will begin gas main installation within seven business days* after trench inspection and approval by NW Natural.

Note: NW Natural may need to visit the site prior to start of installation in case of unusual work conditions. If the installation requires a permit to work in a public right-of-way easement, start of work will depend on receipt of necessary documentation. Locates are required, and work will begin after the locates are complete.

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