The privacy of your personal information is respected by NW Natural.

NW Natural - Privacy Policy

This Privacy Notice describes the privacy practices of Northwest Natural Gas Company and its gas company affiliates (“NW Natural”, “we”, “our”, or “us”), which do not include NW Natural Water Company, LLC and its subsidiaries. Please refer to the NW Natural Water operating company web sites for the privacy notices that describe the privacy practices applicable these companies.  This Privacy Notice also does not apply to personal information collected and used in relation to our community coalition advocacy activities, which are conducted separately from our regulated utility servicesPlease refer to the relevant web sites at NW Coalition for Energy Choice, Eugene for Energy Choice, and Milwaukie for Energy Choice for the privacy notices that describe the privacy practices applicable these activities.

This Privacy Notice applies to the personal information that we collect and use relating to consumers, customers, and website users (“consumer” or “you”). Personal information is information (data, derived data, or any unique identifier) that is linked to or is reasonably linkable to a consumer or device (that identifies, is linked to or is reasonable linkable to one or more consumers in a household) (“personal information”).

NW Natural Gas Company operates as a regulated utility in Oregon and Washington. However, some of our customers and website users may reside outside of these states. Each state has different laws and regulations governing how we collect, use and share personal information. This Privacy Notice describes NW Natural’s general privacy practices related to personal information. It also contains information specifically required by states whose laws may apply to usThis information may or may not be applicable to you depending upon your state of residency. If you choose to link to any third-party websites or services NW Natural has provided for your convenience, NW Natural’s privacy practices and security protections do not apply. We encourage you to check the privacy and security provisions of those websites before you use them.

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