How to keep your meter safe and accessible.

Natural gas meters are sensitive instruments that record the amount of gas you use each month. NW Natural reads your meter regularly so we can bill you accurately.

You don't have to pay for or install your meter. We'll take care of that for you. But we do ask that you keep it safe. Here's how.

Meter tampering

Watch out for gas theft

It's a crime to use natural gas that isn't correctly metered. Look out for unauthorized persons near your meter, extra parts attached to it or other damage.

What to do
If you suspect someone has tampered with your meter, leave your meter as you found it and call us at 503-226-4211 x 5904.

Meter obstructions

Clear meter obstructions

We need your help to keep a clear path to the meter so we can read it and bill you correctly, or turn it off in case of emergency.

Here's what you can do:

  • Maintain an accessible footpath to the meter.
  • Make sure the meter has three feet of clear and unobstructed space above and in front of it.
  • Keep the meter in an open, ventilated space.
  • Keep snow, ice or other debris off your meter. Use a soft broom or brush, and no sharp tools.
  • Don't tie or hang anything to the gas meter or piping.
Meter guard posts

Protect the meter

If the meter is located where it could be struck by a vehicle, RV or trailer, call NW Natural at 800-422-4012 to see if a guard post should be installed.

Meter assistance

Get assistance protecting your meter

Call us at 800-422-4012 if you need help relocating the meter. If you're remodeling and aren't sure what to do, call us and we'll walk you through the process.

Meter technology

More about the meter

What kind of meter is at my home or business?

The gas meter at your home or business is a one-way communication meter using Automated Meter Reading technology and an Encoder Receiver Transmitter (ERT) to remotely, safely and securely send lower-power radio signals (meter data) to our meter readers.

Our meters are equipped with different types of ERTs depending on several factors, and all operate on a +24 dBm output-power radio frequency.

How is my meter data communicated to meter readers?

During the three-day billing window, we deploy trucks to “read” the meters via lower-power radio transmitter signal. Our trucks are equipped with a data collector that receives meter data within a 902-928 MHz band. Meter data is then exported to and connected with our billing records to ensure the most accurate billing.

No protected personal information is transmitted to or from your meter.

Is my meter a smart meter?

No, the NW Natural meter is an Automated Meter Reading meter which uses one-way communication. A smart meter uses two-way communication to continually transmit data back and forth between a customer and utility. AMR meters are powered by a battery and emit lower-power radio frequency, much lower than FCC guidelines. There are no demonstrated health effects resulting from the meter’s low-power radio frequency. You can read more about the Itron AMR meters we use at the Itron website below under Sources.  

Can I ask NW Natural to remove the ERT from my meter?

Yes, you have the option for NW Natural to remove the ERT, at your expense. The minimum charge for removing an ERT is $172, plus ongoing monthly charges, which cover manual gas meter readings.


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